Monday, March 14, 2011

Amazing Haitian Artist - Jean Claude Martin

While take a brief break from our midwest Ohio winter this year we decided to spend a couple of days in beautiful Savannah, Georgia before driving on to Florida.

When in Savannah we always love walking through the historic squares and along the river front.  The Savannah river front is home to many different restaurants, shops and stores. It also has some amazing street performers and vendors.

I have to admit my wife, Sally, is much more of a shopper than I am. Sometimes, like this time around, I like to just sit in the sun with a good book and read or people watch.

Within a few minutes an artist named Jean Claude Martin from Haiti starting setting out his paintings. As I sat on the brick wall reading I asked him if I could move down so he could have more room for his paintings.  He said maybe just a couple of feet and I would be fine.

As I viewed his paintings I became interested in the beautiful blend of vibrant colors and Caribbean scenes.  As I casually began to ask Jean Claude about himself and his art I became intrigued.

Jean Claude Martin setting up his paintings

A sample of Jean Claudes vibrate colorful talent!

Jean Claude Martin was born in the impoverished country of Haiti. At an early age he become "a man".  Jean Claude was forced to learn a trade (skill) at an early age if he wanted to survive.

Jean spent his time watching his elders as they farmed and harvested the crops, carved sculptures, made baskets, prepared the animals they raised for the market and painting pictures.  These were the things the native Haitians did daily to prepare for trade at the markets.

After much time spent observing and practicing, Jean discovered his talent and destiny. He became an artist.

I returned later to discuss with Jean Claude's which of his paintings I would like to purchase

We ended up buying the one in Jean Claudes hand. Love it!!

Jean Claude paints three styles 1) the market place 2) the countryside 3) and the ocean view.  All of his paintings are done in acrylics which are much more durable than oils. He has been painting for over 20 years!

If you want to collect some one-of-a-kind art you simply must stop by to see aspiring Haitian artist Jean Claude Martin. He can also be reached at 912-441-2725


  1. I live in Canada, and just returned from a two week driving trip in the USA. One of the highlights was meeting Jean Claude and buying two of his paintings.

  2. We can't wait to return and buy another from this exceptional artist! Which one's did you purchase Judi?

  3. I met Jean Claude right after we arrived in Savannah in mid-August. I love his work -- it's very reminiscent of some of the work I've seen in Haiti, only better! He was very generous with his time, too; I'm learning Creole, and he practiced with me every afternoon while I was in town. I'd love to go back and buy another of his wonderful paintings. Janet, from Maine.

  4. Bought one of his pieces called Abstract Market place back in 2006. Great Artist

  5. I purchased one of Jean Claudes paintings on a trip to Savanna. I just love his unique style and talent.

  6. I Just returned from Savannah and bought one of Jean Claude's paintings also. It is so vibrant, I wish I had purchased another.

  7. My daughter and son in law just visited the Savannah, GA area and purchased a painting from the exceptional artist. Great Work.

  8. I have two Jean Claudes paintings for sale bought about two years ago.